Welcome to LucasSaturn Teach; a sub-section of works that cover teaching specific topics in-depth, with written, image and video content. The goal is to create outstanding resources for a range of differing topics, by providing resources that can:

  • Teach a subject in clear, and easy to understand English

  • Where applicable, cover subjects and topics to a specific exam board specification

  • Provide interesting resources, that can educate and entertain

For some subjects, classroom resources and activities are provided. This means that, as per each teachers lesson plan, you can integrate content into lesson plans, and provide engaging lessons with these resources.

Teaching resources also contain free video resources, that cover each topic in detail and follow along with the written resource. As such, these can give a different perspective, and can be used in conjunction with the written resource. Alternatively, these can be used for revision.


Toon Boom Harmony content:

Toon Boom Harmony Onion Skin Toon Boom Harmony Art Layers Toon Boom Harmony Select Tool Toon Boom Harmony Alignment Guides Toon Boom Harmony Contour Editor Toon Boom Harmony Shift and Trace Camera

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